About Me

Keks Arcade is dream come true for me. It’s a place where I work on my passion. I bake and cook several types of cakes, cookies, breads, and sweets and I try to invent new flavors and designs.

Baking is a special art as you need to be patient and precise in your work. It is a rewarding experience as you get to see the result of your hard work blooming in the oven in just few hour. I am a writer by interest and an Instructional Designer by profession – I specialize in creating magic with words and course designs.

Cooking and Baking are my passion and this art is equally creative as writing or designing. Whether it is writing, designing the content, baking, or cooking, all requires same amount of dedication, practice, precision, and knowledge, and the return that is bestowed upon me is “pure joy of satisfaction”

Let’s make something together.