A Delicious Case of Leftovers

I bake every weekend for my website and I usually go by the monthly theme. For the month of June, I had thought about making cakes outside the oven, i.e., in the cooker or vessels. But then the mashed, spiced potatoes in the refrigerator caught my eyes. In India, we make lots of things with mashed, spiced potatoes like potato fritters or potato stuffed pastries. But, I thought of making aloo-bun, a bun bread stuffed with potatoes. Aloo bun is a very popular bread item being sold in the South-Indian bakeries. Potatoes-filled Buns or Aloo-Buns, as they are popularly called, are made like a normal bread bun with potatoes filling in it. These breads can be made with other fillings like cheese, mixed-vegetables, etc. The breads can also be made more flavorful by adding some spices or herbs.

Next week, I found a jar of peanut butter hidden in the refrigerator shelf and I knew it’s time to make something out of the peanut butter. I had a half-filled jar of crunchy peanut butter and I bought a new jar of creamy peanut butter. I made two cakes – a Peanut Butter Bundt Coffee Cake (with creamy peanut butter) and a Flourless Peanut Butter Cake (with crunchy peanut butter). My kids loved both the cakes and I was delighted to have found a possible theme for the month. Both these cakes follow the typical sponge cake process and are very easy to make with no extra-special ingredient.

No one in my family likes apples very much. But with a stroke a luck, I ended up having lots of apples in my fridge. While I tried to convince my kids to eat apples, I knew what I would be making this weekend. Apple pie is an age-old delicacy originated in England and is now considered one of the most popular dinner or family-gathering food in America. Making an apple-pie involves four main steps – preparing pie dough, cooking apples, blind baking, and finally baking the pie. All these four steps are simple and does not require too much of a time. However, the secret of a good pie lies in its crust. If you have deciphered the art of making a perfect crust, you will always make the perfect pie, quiche, or tart.

I am now waiting for the surprise ingredient for the last week of this month. Not sure if I will search for it and it will come in front of me just like that 🙂

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