COVID 19, A Birthday, and Lots of Balloons

Sunday was my younger son’s birthday and we were all holed up in our house due to COVID 19 outbreak. My son who just turned 6, could not understand why there was no party and why his friends did not come πŸ™‚ Thankfully, he had his elder brother to cheer him up and play with him. Both of kids spent the day helping me in baking and icing and inflating balloons. In the end, it turned out to be so much fun with just four of us having the party and the entire cake πŸ™‚

The baking menu was decided not by choice but what was in the fridge. We are consciously avoiding going out to public places. Thanks to my baking experiments, I always have the surplus of flour, sugar, and butter in my pantry. Plus I had some sour cream, cream cheese, milkmaid, carrots, and lots of cabbage. So, the menu was decided – Dark Chocolate – Sour Cream Coffee Cake, vanilla cup cakes, chocolate fudge, and spring rolls πŸ™‚

Since last week, I was experimenting with some new flavors for eggless cakes. May be it was the same hangover that I decided to make eggless vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Just to add some colors, made the icing in rainbow colors. Also, made a very simple chocolate-fudge balls with just two simple ingredients – just mix milkmaid, and chocolate bars (grated) – cook them together and set to freeze. You have yummy and chewy choco-fudge balls rolled in the cocoa powder. You can also cut them in pieces like chocolate bars.

Spring rolls were a different deal altogether. I did not have the roll-sheets so had to make them on my own. Based on one YouTube channel, I found an innovative way to make the spring roll sheets. Make a slurry of maida and water and make dosa-style super-thin pancakes on a non-stick pan. Once cooked, fill the pancakes with carrot and cabbage mix (cooked separately and mixed with soya sauce and spring onions) and deep fry. Your crispy and tasty spring rolls are ready πŸ™‚

Finally, it was a fun day which got a bit tiring for me. As I read one WhatsApp forward today – everything is closed due to Corona Virus except for my kitchen πŸ™‚ Keep cooking and enjoy this much-needed family time which we have got by a certain stroke of viral luck πŸ™‚