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Measurements Conversion Table

As a budding baker, our first stop for any kind of recipe is the Internet. You just type one name and hundreds of recipes will be at your desktop. Many a times, I have picked up a recipe only to realise that it is not so simple to make as it is shown in the video and the reason could be many like, the temperature of the ingredients, quality of the ingredients used, and most importantly, the quantity of the ingredients. Surprising, but yes – two people measuring same ingredients in similar kinds of cups or spoons will give you different quantities. It is funny, but it is true. So, the measurement that you are seeing in the video could vary drastically from your measurement, even though, you might be using the similar cups or spoons or glasses. No matter how closely you follow the recipe, you will have to try it twice or thrice to get your measurements correct.

You will notice that the recipes given by the American bakers are mostly measured in cups and spoons. If you are also comfortable measuring your ingredients with the help of cups and spoons, after one or two trials, you will get your perfect cup measurement for that recipe. However, if you are like me who largely rely on the weighing scale for measuring the ingredients, the number of trials to get that perfect recipe may increase by one. However; measuring the ingredients with weighing scale will take you one step closer to a perfect recipe irrespective of different hands or utensils used.

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Here’s the conversion table that will help you follow any recipe given by your favourite baker!

This table will take you as close as possible to the correct measurement for your cake or whichever goodie you are planning to make. Still you need to understand that the texture of the ingredients used by you may give you different results. But, by using this table, you will always have the closest reference point.